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Eastern Waterproofing
Eastern Waterproofing was started so we could provide our customers with the best basement waterproofing product on the market today. We install Tuff-N-Dri basement waterproofing systems from Tremco. With a spray only system we can offer a 15 year warranty and with Warm-N-Dri board we can offer a 30 year warranty.

Eastern Firestopping
Eastern Firestopping has been educated and trained by HILTI to select and install the appropriate firestop system for any project. Most builders use the method of "you drill it...you fill it". These buildings end up with inconsistent and incorrect firestopping. Everybody has another trade to blame for an incorrect and incomplete job and the liability falls back on the builder. We will do the job completely, quickly, and correctly.
 Fire Stopping

Eastern Sprayfoam
Eastern Spray Foam was formed in response to the rising fuel costs and growing concerns about energy efficiency. By using foam insulation you can make your home more comfortable while lowering your monthly energy bills.
 Spray Foam

Eastern Insulation
Eastern Insulation has been in business since 1974. We take great pride in our workmanship and customer service and do everything possible to rise above our competition. We currently have over 75 installers in our fiberglass batt division to provide prompt and reliable service. Our in house supervisors and inspectors assure optimum quality control. Recently Eastern Insulation was named "Insulation Contractor of the Year" by RSI Magazine and "Subcontractor of the Year" by the Community Builders Association.
 Batt Insulation
 Blown Insulation
 Wall-Spray Insulation

Four Seasons Insulation
On January 2, 2007 Eastern Contractor Services purchased the assets of Four Seasons Insulation Corp. We welcome the highly skilled and motivated staff of Four Seasons to our family.
  Four Season Insulation

Keystone Insulation
Keystone Insulators LLC began business in 2010 to better serve our customers throughout Pennsylvania. Keystone will work closely with the other companies of Eastern Contractor Services to provide the highest levels of quality and service for Batt Insulation, Blown Insulation, Wall Spray Insulation and Spray Foam Insulation.  Keystone Insulators will service builders, developers, homeowners and state agencies.  Under the leadership of Michael Quinn, a longtime employee of Eastern, we are sure Keystone will grow rapidly and flourish.  Michael will continue to manage all Spray Foam Insulation, Blown In Insulation and Wall Spray Insulation for both Eastern Insulation and Four Seasons Insulation in addition to his new responsibilities at Keystone Insulators. For more information about our new operations in Pennsylvania please contact us.
  Keystone Insulators

Quality Insulation
Quality Insulation was started to help service Central and Southern New Jersey as well as Staten Island and Brooklyn in New York. This company does not compete with Eastern Insulation but instead works hand in hand with Eastern to provide the best possible service for our customers. Quality can provide all of the products of EASTERN CONTRACTOR SERVICES.

Quality Insulation of Delaware
Q of D was started in 2006 to service our clients Throughout the state of Delaware as well as Philadelphia an its suburbs. This location can provide all of the products and services that EASTERN CONTRACTOR SERVICES has to offer.

WindowPRO LLC was launched in April of 2010 in order to provide another complimentary product to our customers. WindowPRO supplies, installs, and distributes Energy Efficient Replacement Windows.
We are committed to providing the best custom made products with excellent service and competitive prices. Through partnering with our manufacturer we ensure the use of the highest grades of prime virgin material. That means no contaminated or reground scrap goes into your final product. All of our products are custom made using the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Each window is manufactured with insulated glass using a lineal butyl extrusion system that creates a warm edge seal between the glass and the spacer. We only use domestic float glass to insure the highest clarity and thickness resulting in one of the most efficient IG units available anywhere! Call today to seal your attic, add insulation and replace you windows. You will be AMAZED at the money you’ll save on heating and cooling your home!

Eastern Garage Doors
We install residential garage doors and electric operators at very competitive prices. We can supply and install any type of garage door ranging from inexpensive entry level doors to elaborate wooden barn style doors. As with our other products we have become experts in the industry. We have a fully educated and trained staff under the management of a division leader with over 20 years experience in the garage door industry.
 Garage Doors

Eastern Aluminum
Eastern Aluminum was formed in 2004. Since then we have become one of New Jersey's largest seamless gutter companies. We can install 5", 6", and 7" aluminum, copper or galvanized steel gutters as well as a wide array of gutter protection systems.
 Seamless Gutters

Eastern Railing & Fencing
Eastern is proud to partner with American Choice to offer yet another quality installed product to our clients. Our goal is to not only to provide you with the highest quality products and services, we want to help you enjoy your outdoor living space with a worry and maintenance free mindset for years to come.
 Railing & Fencing

Eastern Disposal

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